Best Big Box Turkey Alternatives For The Holiday

Turkey Could Gobble Your Bank Account 

With the bird flu causing shortages and driving up turkey prices at the stores this year, you might be wondering: “What are we doing for the holiday?” Consider a family farm or sustainable, local butcher to help find a solution! 

Thoughtful Planning Makes A Difference 

Sure, you could just grab whatever you find at the grocery store. You could also pause to think about a few key points, like whether you will enjoy the meat or whether your decision could affect the environment. The farming community is continually attempting to improve processes and products to provide a better eating experience while working to protect our planet, so it is easier than ever to find responsibly-sourced meat

Family Farm Birds

Set on turkey? If breaking from tradition would cause a family feud, consider a responsible family farm to source your turkey! Opting to skip the grocery store can help ensure high quality humanely raised birds and allow you to control the size or availability. With many farms, you can get your turkey shipped directly to your home

Go Ham! 

Many families prepare ham for the holiday, and it is a wonderful alternative to a big bird! The chain-sold spiral ham options are often dry and super sweet. If previous experience has put a bad taste in your mouth, consider giving a sustainable family farm a try! Frequently, the dedication to quality extends from humanely raising pork to the flavor and cook of the meat so ingredients are carefully and thoughtfully chosen to ensure flavor. 

Show Off Your Chops

If you love holiday flavors but are open to stepping away from tradition, pork chops can be a truly special option for holiday meals. With bone in and boneless cuts, there are a variety of approaches - from causal to formal, mix it up this season. Chops can pair seamlessly with the traditional fixings or inspire a fresh new direction just as easily. 

The Options Are Endless

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with a main course you and your family will love - no matter what it is! Find the right choice for your taste buds and budget and it’s smooth sailing. Enjoy!