The Farmstock Box by Newman Farm




1x Newman Farm Maple Sugar Cured Boneless Deli Ham (Avg. 2-3 lbs.) 
2x Heritage Berkshire Center Cut Ribeye Chops (Top Seller ⭐️)
2x Sugar Cured Sliced Sugar Bacon *Award-Winning Cure 🏆
1x Buttonwood Farm Chicken Breasts
1x Prime Berkshire Pork Tenderloin
1x Spicy Breakfast Sausage
1x Maple Breakfast Sausage Links
1x Berkshire Ground Pork



1x Newman Farm Maple Sugar Cured Boneless Deli Ham (Avg. 2-3 lbs.)
1x Heritage Berkshire Center Cut Ribeye Chops (Top Seller ⭐️)
1x Prime Berkshire Pork Tenderloin
1x Sugar Cured Thick-Sliced Bacon * Award-Winning Cure 🏆
1x Maple Breakfast Sausage Links
1x Smoked Pepper Bacon Ends

Boxes are shipped on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. You will receive the first month's box right away and subsequent months will ship on the week you have chosen!

"Try it Once" shipments will ship right away!

Direct from Our Farm to Your Home Each Month
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This month's FARMSTOCK Box by Newman Farm features our Award-Winning Sugar Cured Boneless Deli Ham. This cut averages 2-3 lbs. by itself, and is a standout for a gathering! Maple Sugar cured ham is at the cornerstone of American cooking loved universally as a centerpiece for a holiday meal, casual dining, or as the main ingredient in an iconic ham sandwich.These hams are already cooked so they are ready for eating but a little heat will help bring out the delicious juices of the heritage meat — there is no spice or seasoning this delicious ham will not welcome.

Farmstock Box by Newman Farm is a monthly subscription box of the highest quality pasture-raised meat you can get in the United States! Hand packaged from our Farm and delivered to your front door with Free Shipping, this process truly represents the farm-to-table movement. Every full-size FARMSTOCK Box includes 10-12 lbs of basic necessities like our specialty bacon, hand-selected beef, and pasture-raised chicken.

Family Farmed

Each month, we curate a minimum of 10-12 lbs. of superior, pasture-raised meat and specialty items packaged from our farm and delivered straight to your doorstep (with FREE SHIPPING).

All Natural

The FARMSTOCK Box by Newman Farm offers the highest quality, sustainably farmed Heritage Berkshire pork, hand-selected Angus beef, and pasture-raised poultry in the United States.

Chef Trusted

Our Heritage Berkshire pork can be found in some of the top restaurants around the country. With your FARMSTOCK box subscription you will get access to recipes and tips from America's top chefs, while supporting family farming!

Buy One, Give One

Our Promise to You


This farm is amazing. The owners are so genuine and friendly. It's by far the best pork I have ever had!" 

Erik K

When you sign up for a Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork FARMSTOCK Box, you get THE best sustainably raised heritage meats delivered to your door. Plus, you'll get bonus goodies. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality and ethos of David Newman and his family farm. You will not be disappointed.

Chef Tara Gallina