Farmstock Box

Food that Tastes as Good as it's Farmed

May's FARMSTOCK Box Features:

-Our St. Louis Rib Rack (Premium Restaurant Cut, Very Flavorful) -2 New York Strip Beef Steaks (High Choice, Dry Aged, Hand-Selected, Antibiotic-Free) -2 lbs. of Angus Ground Beef (80/20) -2 packs of Buttonwood Farm Chicken Drumsticks (Avg. 2-2.5 lbs each.)
-1 lb. of our Award-Winning Sugar Cured Bacon Ends -1 lb. of our Smoked Pepper Bacon (Thick Sliced) -2, 4 Packs of our Original Blend Bratwursts and 1 Signature Bottle of Jim Quessenberry's 2X World Champion BBQ Original Blend Sauce.

Pioneer of BBQ

Jim Quessenberry was one of the pioneers during the infancy of Memphis in May as a competitor with a handful of other aspiring legends under one tent in the Orpheum Theatre parking lot. Since then Memphis in May has grown to become the “Super Bowl” of competition BBQ festivals and has made the careers of Chris Lily, Myron Mixon, and other legendary pitmasters that are seen on TV today.

Sauce Beautiful

This month's FARMSTOCK Box by Newman Farm features our St. Louis Rib Rack Rib Rack paired with the 2X World Winning Barbecue Sauce by Jim Quessenberry.

Sauce Beautiful is a sauce for many tastes. A sweet tangy blend of flavors that is bold enough for the barbeque enthusiast while tasty enough to be eaten on practically anything Sauce Beautiful is sure to delight everyone.

Their Philosophy

"We have a lot of fun making our products for you and trust us, there are a lot of laughs when we manufacture them.  We love to make people smile and have a good time.  That's our passion for what we do, and we hope our sauce puts a smile on the faces of your friends and family as well."

-Michael and Lee Quessenberry

Why we love them

Michael & Lee Quessenberry

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I am floored. We have a whole chicken, strip steaks, ribeye pork chops, ground beef, prosciuttos, bacon and bacon ends...I wasn't sure if I would like being 'surprised' but, yes, I absolutely do. It helps that they make excellent selections. Thank you, Newman Farm!"

Samantha N.

I got my box of Newman Farm meats shipped to me in North Dakota yesterday and had to try the pork chops right away. They were fantastic! I will definitely be ordering more!"

Peggy D.