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Deluxe Sample Pack

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This Deluxe Sample Pack includes the most popular items Newman Farm has to offer! This is the perfect item to send as a gift or if you just want to see what our products taste like! Includes: "Sample Box" 1 2 pk Porterhouse Chops 1 lb Mild Breakfast Sausage 1 lb Ground Pork 1 lb 4 Original Bratwursts 1 lb Pepper Bacon 1 lb Sugar Cured Bacon AND 1 2 pk Bone-in Rib Chops 1 lb Spicy Breakfast Sausage 1 lb seasonal sausage 1 lb Sugar Cured Bacon Ends 1lb Pepper Bacon Ends 1 lb 4 Andiouille 1 lb Italian Sausage with Romano Cheese 1 half Sugar-Cured Boneless deli Ham approx. 4 lbs 1 slab St. Louis Style Ribs 1 Country Rib 1 Osso Bucco 1 2pk volcano shank 1 Ground Beef

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