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Ground Pork

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Ground Pork. 78/22 Mix.  Available in 1 lb chub or a 5 lb bag.

Ground Pork can be used in any recipe that calls for ground meat such as tacos chili burgers etc. Delicious and juicy with a mild and flavorful pork taste. Humanely raised on pasture. 100% antibiotic-free. Raised by independent family farmers. Heritage pork has more marbling resulting in more tender and juicy meat.Ground pork is our go-to staple the most versatile item in the entire Heritage catalog! For chili meatballs ragu as a filling for dumplings tacos stuffed peppers and anything else you can imagine there is nothing so delicious nourishing easy to prepare and of course sustainable! Ground meat is an essential part of true nose-to-tail farming and dining — but mostly Heritage ground pork is delicious and an essential item to keep in the freezer at all times.

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